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Fast Timepix Readout

The TimePix ASIC is a 256-by-256 pixel array chip capable of photon counting and timing at X-ray wavelengths.  When coupled to a microchannel plate or photodiode array, the chip can be used for event counting and timing of other photon wavelengths or of particles.  Working with researchers at UC Berkeley, I developed a system for high frame rate readout of four such chips at high rates (25Gb/s front end rate), permitting stroboscopic imaging of objects illuminated by a neutron beam.
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Coincidence Processor

This instrument was developed under a grant from NIST.  The coincidence processor is a compact, low cost instrument for time interval analysis and coincidence detection with sub-nanosecond resolution.  Eight inputs are provided for digital signals.  Four auxiliary analog inputs are simultaneously digitized with 10-bit resolution at a sample rate of 100MHz.  An input is provided for an optional 10MHz reference clock, and another to reset the elapsed time counter.  Instrument power, setup, and data transfer to a host PC is accomplished via a USB-2.0 compliant interface.  Software drivers are provided to simplify setup and data acquisition.  Read more here:


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